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Debby DeRosa
Debby DeRosa, Broker/Owner, ABR, CPRM, CCS, SFR


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What our clients are saying  

Tess helped my family and me sell our home and buy our property at the same time. She met all our expectations through both transactions. Even when there were a few obstacles we had to overcome. Both transactions went well and she was awesome! We didn't have to worry about anything. She took care of it all. We will definitely recommend her to all family, friends, and anyone else that's in need of a realtor!


~ Dan C, Sierra Vista, AZ

My family and I are very happy with our new home. Our realtor Tess Iglesias helped us get the perfect home. We met Tess and Diego at her open house. She was informative and knowledgeable. We looked at a few homes and she help us put in an offer. My kids loved her and Diego. I will use her services again if we decide to sell or buy again. You can't go wrong with Tess as your agent.


~ Sierra Vista, AZ

She has excellent contacts with service personnel throughout the area and this network helps keep owner costs down which we greatly appreciate. Our tenants have always stayed beyond their original contracts, most for several years and only leaving when the logistics of life change (downsize as kids move out, moving out of the area or buying not to jump into a like size rental), and gaps between have been very limited -these are the markers as a property owner that I am concerned with, and yes move out has some firm policies, well as a property owner we went through the same in preparation for tenants things were repaired, painted and professionally cleaned to meet a standard not check the box, the policies are in place for quality maintenance to support everyone in the process. Two thumbs up for Preference Properties! Part 2


~ Kristina V. Ruckersville, VA

Caring, knowledgeable and reliable property managers & Real Estate agents at Preference Properties. I feel a sense of ease knowing that property is well managed and issues taken care of quickly and efficiently.


~ Anna M. San Francisco, CA

I have been renting from Debby for the past 6 months now. Her office is wonderful and prompt service. As far as issues with applying, it does state in the application credit requirements, etc before you even apply. I read them thoroughly and proceeded with the processes. Unless something was recently changed, it does not state you will be offered another house if you do not meet requirements. Again, maybe that changed but I doubt. I own a home in California and as a homeowner I want renters who I know will pay on time and take care of my home. Debby and her staff definitely take pride in maintaining their rentals. I also go in every month to drop off my rent. I've been in their office at times when the office has been slammed and the ladies have always been polite and professional to everyone. I would highly recommend renting from them, but yes there is a credit qualification process. I would also trust Debby with managing a home that I owned.


~ Aidan H. Sierra Vista, AZ

I could not have had a better experience as a seller. Nicole went above and beyond to keep us informed while providing us with excellent guidance throughout the entire process. If you're looking for an agent who's knowledgeable about the market, personable, and will always put your needs first, I highly recommend Nicole as your professional agent of choice.


~ Kenric of Sierra Vista, AZ

Nancy has a great personality and is very professional in every interaction, she is prior military and it shows. She works hard to protect her renters, buyers, and homeowners and I think her company has many more satisfied (but not as electronic) clients than are reflected here on Yelp. Decide for yourself but I openly trust my rental experiences to Preference Properties. Part 2


~ Marie G. San Antonio, TX

I have been using Preference Properties as since they were first established in Sierra Vista. I have used Debby DeRosa as both a Realtor to find and purchase property and as a Landlord for her to manage my property on my behalf. She was very responsive to my schedule restrictions and worked outside of normal office hours several times to show me properties and handled the details of renting my home very efficiently. I would definitely recommend Debby and Preference Properties if you are looking for a realtor or want to list your property on the market for rent. She knows what she's doing and she cares.


~ Sandra L. Leander, TX

e have been using Preference Properties for almost 3 years now and have been totally pleased with them. We are getting ready to relocate across town and once again will be renting a home managed by Preference Properties. Debby is a pleasure to work with and goes over and above to help people find the perfect home. Any repair issues that we had were addressed and rectified within a couple days and in some cases, we were contacted by a repairman within just a couple hours. Reading reviews of other property managers, service issues are not rectified timely, if at all, security deposits are withheld for trumped up reasons, etc... We have never encountered any of these issues with Preference Properties, which is why we continue to work with them and recommend them to others looking for rental properties. Don't just take my word, give them a call and see for yourself.


~ Mike L. High Point, NC

Tessa was very attentive to our needs, she was there for us when we had questions. She oversaw a lot of the work as we were not in town. She was available to take care of business and ensure the security of our home. If we asked a question she did not know the answer, she researched and quickly got back to us. When there were issues with the buyer, i.e. paperwork, walkthrough, security, she rectified the situations quickly. We did not have to stress over the details, Tessa took care of everything. We could not be happier with the way the sale went.


~ Hope & Anson, Sierra Vista, AZ

I have never worked with a realtor that was so genuinely sweet and genuinely interested in searching for what we needed even after hours and on week-ends. She is really n excellent realtor and on top of all new listings. I highly recommend Tessa, she's exceptional. Phyllis Morrill


~ Phyllis and Don M., AZ

She made the process effortless no


~ Larry Benson of Sierra Vista, AZ

Nicole managed the sale of 2 houses that I owned this past year. She made all the process effortless on my part since she handled preparation for sale showing and then the sale agreement. I appreciate her excellent work.


~ Client of Nicole Moser, Sierra Vista, AZ

Nicole was extremely responsive and thorough. She was always available and worked tirelessly to get all our questions answered. I would highly recommend her as a realtor!


~ New to Sierra Vista

Nicole did an amazing job! She was quick to address any issues during the selling process. She presented several solutions to any issue that came our way and expeditiously took care of them since she had the right contacts. Her negotiation skills were great. I highly recommend Nicole.


~ Manny of Sierra Vista, AZ

Nicole was an excellent realtor that assisted with the sale of our home. She was very thorough, answered all of our questions and was always available. I highly recommend her for your realty needs.


~ Sean of Sierra Vista, AZ

Nicole went above and beyond helping us locate and then purchase the home of our dreams. No one I know works harder and gets more accomplished then Nicole. She was a Godsend through the entire process.


~ Julie of Sierra Vista, AZ

Our home is VERY professionally managed by Preference Properties and has been for over ten years now. They always ensure the approved renters are excellent candidates, especially credit-wise, which is crucial. This company is a property management firm, their first obligation is to the homeowner and protecting their asset. They aren't here to make renters happy, but it does include customer service for prompt repair service when renters raise an issue, evidenced by dates of incident and completed repair timelines, Preference does this consistently. Debby can be direct, which I have always appreciated, and she sticks to the rules in place for everyone's benefit and consistency. Her company has always quickly addressed any issues and is always looking for a cost-effective approach for the homeowner to any issue that may rise. part 1


~ Kristina V. Ruckersville, VA

Tess was very helpful and diligent throughout my real estate transaction. She answered my questions and stayed on top of everything. I highly recommend Tess for your real estate needs. Thank you Tess!


~ K, AZ

Shari is the best she is professional, and knows her stuff. She listen to our needs and delivered. We highly recommend her.


~ Maggie Ramos

Great realtors! We rented from them 3 years, no problems, great service. Highly recommend!!


~ Nicolas H. Murrieta, CA

Debby, Nancy and Melissa are a class-act team. My husband and I rented from them and had absolutely no issues. They are kind and caring people and made our renting experience enjoyable and easy. I would recommend them to anyone. Debby, especially, was always upbeat, helpful and pleasure to work with.


~ Stuart C. WI, WI

This company has been wonderful to work with. They were able to show us multiple homes that fit our needs and were able to get us into a home quickly. Being a military family, we have moved around a lot and have experienced many different rental companies. Preference Properties has been one of the best to work with. They are always trying to help in any way they can. I highly recommend them.


~ Melissa W. Sierra Vista, AZ

As a homeowner myself, I expect a very high status of standards when I look for someone to manage my property. When I moved to Sierra Vista, I was thrilled that those same expectations are with Preference Properties. I understand that there are those who have been less than excited with their time; however, my experiences have been quite the opposite. We were able to quickly rent and move in, given our needs they made sure we were able to see the house at a bizarre time and file paperwork in a rapid turnaround. They provided us with a list of expectations for maintenance and as a homeowner I think that's critical to minimizing repairs due to neglect later on. Part 1


~ Marie G. San Antonio, TX

Shari actually played dual roles for us, helping us sell our first home and buying another. Shari definitely made the selling process easy and painless; she was very communicative and provided us with ample information about the area, making us comfortable with our decisions. Our home sold after only 42 days, which was definitely a pleasant surprise! The home we bought was listed as a short sale, which made the buying process interesting to say the least. Shari walked us through the steps and was very quick to give us updates along the way. Once again, Shari’s communication helped tremendously, especially when deadlines would become delayed, and frustration had started to rise (hubby). She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, obviously enjoys what she does, and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks again, Shari!


~ Bill and Sheri Denniss, Sierra Vista, AZ

...Shari Ward’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and determination sustained us in our property search. Shari was honest and upbeat in her assessment of several properties. Her knowledge of real estate and of the local market was critical to the successful purchase, and subsequent sale, of our property. Shari’s “can do” attitude made our real estate endeavor a pleasant experience in an otherwise tough market.


~ Kathy Boyer, Hereford, AZ

We had a particularly difficult sale since we needed to short sale our home due to relocation. Shari was awesome through the whole process. She was extremely professional and knew what to expect with the short sale process and having to negotiate with the bank. Since we were out of state she made sure that everything with home itself was taken care of; from helping us maintain the home, find reasonable quotes for repairs, and even picking up package I had mistakenly had delivered there and mailed it to our address. She went above and beyond for us and made us feel we were well care for and always had our best interest at heart.


~ Missy Larosee, Sierra Vista, AZ

Shari Ward is an enthusiactic agent, who takes the time to listen, and understand what the seller"s end result. She has patience beyond words, she was compassionate and always very responsive. If, and when I need another real estate agent, Shari will be the one agent i will rely upon.


~ Phollinshead, Sierra Vista, AZ

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